What is the role of CBD in Carbon Equal DAO?

CBD will provide three key functions in carbon Equal DAO, namely (I) providing governance for protocols, (ii) cyber security pledge, and (iii) payment for DEFI scenarios within the platform.

The first function of CBD is to empower the holder to complete governance control over the platform.

This governance function includes determining network charges, auction rules and security solutions, as well as special events such as upgrading and repairing the Carbon platform.

These functions are not officially granted to DOT holders at the moment, but will be delegated gradually after the businesses in the Carbon Equal DAO are stabilized.

By making the underlying code open source, CBD holders will be able to participate in governance.

The second function of CBD will be to facilitate the consensus mechanism that underpins the DAO.

To make the platform work and allow businesses to trade safely and efficiently, Carbon will rely on CBD holders to play an active role.

Participants will put their CBD at risk (called "pledge" or "bind") to perform these functions, which can inhibit unequal behavior such as fraud.

The AMOUNT of CBD required to participate in the network will vary depending on the activities undertaken, the duration of the CBD pledge, and the total number of CBD pledged.

The third function of CBD will be scene payment.

A small amount of service fee will be charged for activities such as pledge, subscription, auction and transaction within the platform, which will go into the Treasury and be contributed to community members in the form of proposal voting.

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