User system

Tasks and rewards in the user system are measured by the V value.

Users access through the wallet, according to the number of times and time to unlock the corresponding tasks and rewards.

Users who reach V level 5 will receive a user NFT reward.

This NFT will be reflected in the platform's subsequent airdrop bonuses and bonuses.

There is no upper limit on the total number of NFT users, and the initial REWARD is 500 NFT.

Subsequent awards will be determined by community governance vote.


Users can query project information in real time, understand the risks, and purchase corresponding project tokens with supporting tokens.

Upon completion of the purchase, the user will receive an Equal + token.

As the time for issuing public tokens approaches, users can choose to sell equal+ tokens twice to ensure the liquidity of their assets.

Click "Sales" to set the corresponding price and quantity.

The final issued token shall be equal+ token holder's number of holdings shall prevail.


If you pledge equal+ token, you get the corresponding.


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