Carbon Equal DAO

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization driving Pharos Protocol upgrades

A core principle of carbon-equal Protocol is its fully decentralized design and minimal dependence on any centralized assets or protocols on BSC. carbon-equal Protocol has a DAO called the carbon-equal DAO from the start. The DAO is responsible for utilizing all of the flexible and powerful features of carbon-equal Protocol to continually enhance the protocol in an ever-evolving DeFi space.


Pharos Protocol design and implementation minimize the governance for peg maintenance related activities. Beyond the inherent need for the initial protocol tuning, the carbon-equal DAO is primarily responsible for two things: upgrades and integrations.

Parameter tuning and changes that the carbon-equal DAO can make:

grant/revoke roles

change PCV allocations

update bonding curve parameters

adjust rewards from the staking pool

upgrade oracles and other contracts throughout the system

Pharos Protocol implementation enables a flexible access control system. The Timelock is appointed as a Governor, but it doesn't have to be the only one. It also doesn't have to be a Governor forever. carbon-equal Protocol can appoint autonomous governors to adjust parameters and PCV based on market conditions. Additionally, a tiered governance structure can be implemented where certain changes require higher quorum thresholds and longer timelocks.

Ultimately the carbon-equal DAO makes all of these decisions as the protocol evolves.

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