The Agency

Enter the store

Complete the audit

To become an organization, it is necessary to submit project certificates, including self-governing materials of the project party, or capital signing contracts, etc., and pass the examination of the platform.

According to the requirements of the platform, only the identity of the project party, the capital party and the capital party LP can obtain the qualification of entering the store, and institutions that cannot provide accurate materials will not pass the verification and examination.

Enter the store

After the completion of the review, merchants will enter the store. The total number of stores on the platform is 100, and the initial number is 20. One new store will be released every 10 days.

The initial cost of shops is 10USDT per shop.

After the merchant buys the shop, it will generate equal token according to the pledge and get V value reward according to the holding age of the coin.

After V value reaches level 6, you can get a free NFT token from the platform shop.

NFT assets will be tied to the platform store for life and can be traded equally within the platform.

Project public offering

Information filling and asset pledge

Merchants can fill in the sales information on the sales page. The name of the project token should be consistent with the project information. Fill in the sales quantity and price of the project token to obtain the sales amount and the amount of assets to be pledged.

The sales amount and the amount of pledged assets shall be 1:1.

Pledged assets currently support BNB/WETH.


Upon completion of the pledge, the merchant can immediately get the derivative equal+ token of the corresponding token.

For example, if A merchant sells A coin, the unit price is 1U and the quantity is 10,000, the merchant shall pledge BNB/WETH with the market value of 10000U. After the pledge is completed, the merchant will get the Equal-A token.

After the sale to the buyer, the Equal A token is transferred to the buyer's wallet address.

Buyers can also resell.

In the end, the basis for the issuance of A-coin comes from the ultimate holder of Equal -A token.

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